16 December

The Perfect Bracelets For Your Gowns: Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder for when you turn your attention to something as poignant and polished as a bracelet, there is no way your outfit will not shine. While styling gowns, a lot of the attention typically goes towards the necklace and the earrings, because they catch the eye first. This also means that most people would be putting their attention there, first. So how do you stand out? How do you make your own statement and pull off a look that also stands unlike any other? The answer is here and it’s bracelets. Bracelets for women have always been a part of the ethos, and now it’s time to really capitalise on that. While styling your gown, as you accessorise the top half of your body, you can continue to bring that down to your hands. Most people wear a watch and call it a day. You, however, aren't most people and you really want to showcase your style and persona through your outfit. We've curated a selection of bracelets you can adorn with your gown.
Tennis Bracelet
The tennis bracelet is the most quintessential and luxurious piece of jewellery a woman can own. It’s a bracelet for women that never fails and instantly elevates any outfit. Because of the luxurious nature of gowns, a tennis bracelet is the perfect elegant choice of accessory. There’s diamonds and there’s impeccable gorgeousness, what’s not to love?!
Diamond Bracelet
If you’re on the lookout for something a little more extravagant than a classic tennis bracelet, might we lead you to bracelets made of diamonds and precious gemstones? Some occasions require more or you just like expressing your personality more whimsically and vibrantly, these bracelets are made for you.
Enamel Bracelet
For a more modern and chic look, choosing an enamel made bracelet would be the way to go. When choosing enamel bracelets we recommend investing in high quality bracelets that are made with superior quality anti-tarnish polish on them. This is because the beauty and charm of an enamel bracelet lies in its colour and you want to ensure that you’re protecting them. You can style your gown with enamel bracelets based on the colour or based on the style of the dress and the event you’re attending.
Plated Bracelets
While there is no dearth of bracelets for women in any of the above styles, nothing comes close to superior build of a gold plated bracelet. The gold plating gives a fine jewellery finish and if you’re someone who enjoys layering and mixing and matching, then a gold plated bracelet is the perfect canvas for you to experiment more. For a completely bespoke look with your gow, styling bracelets that amplify your aesthetic, will ensure that your look stands a class apart.

Pearl Bracelets
Another classic that you can never go wrong with are pearls. The best part about pearls is that you can match your earrings and necklace with it. Pearls are timeless treasures and a pearl bracelet will add a priceless touch to your gown.
Pro Tips When Styling Bracelets
If you’re confused about which bracelet style you would like more, we recommend starting with the basics. Basics are a great option since they look good and give off a classic style. If you find that just one style or one bracelet isn’t enough for your gown, then do not be afraid to experiment and explore the wonderful world of bracelets for women. You can wear two or three bracelets for a full stacked look and you can also stack them by material whether its diamonds or enamel. Styling a gown can get overwhelming especially when it’s for an important occasion. We believe that once you understand what works for you, you can use that and make it work in your favour. Bracelets are pretty and they are feminine, adding a touch of dignified grace to your ensemble and we’re sure you’ll turn heads when you enter any room. So go forth and explore and experiment with your bracelets and really tap into what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. We know you’ll look absolutely spellbinding when you do!

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