5 Types of Pendant Sets You Can Wear For Interviews : Anything relating to an interview gives us chills down the spine, despite preparing for weeks. Impressing our interviewers with our knowledge in a span of 15–30 minutes is a task that requires confidence. And what could boost our confidence more than wearing the right attire? But it's not as easy as it sounds. Choosing the right clothes is more complex than nailing an interview. Wearing an attire showcasing our confidence and speaking volumes of our personality, maintaining the corporate dress code all along. There is so much to consider for that perfect first impression. We put in all our energy to get that good start, often neglecting an important factor - the accessories. Accessories are the best way to add an extra element that could work in your favour if done wisely. A thoughtful selection of jewellery could be the deal-breaker. The jewellery pieces that made it to the acceptable corporate dress code could be counted on fingertips. From the few options available, the ones that instantly add a professional touch to the look while keeping it subtle are pendant sets. One of the oldest types of ornaments worn, pendant sets have a coveted place in women’s jewellery collections. Perfect for special occasions and everyday wear, pendants are easy to carry, lightweight, and most importantly, ideal for both western and Indian formal wear. Wearing a chain pendant in your interview makes you look polished while enhancing the focus on your face without breaking the dress code. Do we need to say that it is an embellishment to talk about your style creating a powerful image without making a sound? We are here to help you choose just the right pendant for your interview. Keep scrolling for a compiled list of various types of pendant sets you can wear on interviews. Gemstone Pendant Set Subtle and stylish gemstone pendants are perfect for exuding charm. Available in various colours and designs, gemstone pendants could be the trendy choice, adding a splash of subtle vibrance and eschewing the monotony of neutral shades in the corporate world. A gemstone pendant on a rose gold chain - a charismatic pair bound to amplify the glow of your face. Pearl Pendant Set Pearls are perfect for every occasion. A timeless piece passed on over generations that will never go out of fashion. Going for a pearl pendant will make a great selection for formals, landing you a subtle, poised look while adding an oomph factor. The charm of elegant and stylish pearls remains in their versatility, meshing effortlessly with any colour making them irresistible.

Gold Chain Pendant Set Recently, the evergreen gold has made its way into the corporate world. Aesthetic and majestic gold, when worn with delicacy, does wonders. The brilliance of gold jewellery is that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. A comprehensive range of patterns, available in a variety of sizes, makes them easy to pair with different outfits. Vintage and traditional gold has received a modern touch in the form of "rose gold." A chic rose gold chain pendant makes your face glow, highlighting the texture of your skin tone. Solitaire Pendant Set Exotic and vivid, solitaire pendants are bound to shine. Diamonds are one of the most precious possessions. A single diamond embedded in the centre adds a splash of shimmer to the formal attire. Though diamonds are said to be more on the glamorous side, a single diamond pendant of various shapes, such as round, oval, or square, will fit into the corporate dress code just fine. Tassel Pendant Set The most recent addition to the pendant fraternity are tassel pendant sets. Delicate and contemporary dangling tassel pendants accentuate your facial features while gracefully complementing the subtle dress code. Easy-breezy tassel pendants have been gaining popularity in the corporate world for their simplicity and delicacy. Facing an interview is a daunting task with a long list of things to consider. The best way to face it is to look top-notch by putting together the perfect attire and jewellery. It's not advisable to wear many articles on your interview; just a simple strand of chain with a small pendant will do. These pieces of jewellery are perfect for their versatile nature that can be suitable for almost any occasion. Take a look at the wide range of chic and stylish designs of pendant sets from Blingvine and you'll find something that gives you a puff of confidence for your interview.

The great merit of gold is precisely that it is scarce; that its quantity is limited by nature; that it is costly to discover, to mine, and to process; and that it cannot be created by political fiat or caprice.”

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